Tuesday, April 28, 2020

4 Gospels in 4 Days - Day 12 Study Questions


 Chapters 20, 21, 22 

I. Is it fair that those who are hired at the end of the day get paid the exact same as those hired at the beginning? Why or why not?

 II. Who are the last?

III. Why was going to Jerusalem special?

IV. How many times has Jesus predicted his death so far, in Matthew?

 V. Why did James and John’s mother come to Jesus?

 VI. How do you become great in the Kingdom of Heaven?

 VII. What does the fact that they had their mother talk to Jesus say about “The Sons of Thunder”? 

VIII. Why did Jesus have compassion on the two blind men? How many times has Matthew had “two” men approach Jesus?

 IX. What is the significance of a donkey? Why not a horse or a camel?

 X. What does Psalm 118 talk about? Why were the people quoting this Psalm to Jesus?

 XI. What is Jesus’ first act when he finally comes in to Jerusalem, publicly as the Messiah?

 XII. Why was Jesus so angry at the money-changers?

XIII. Why were w the chief priests and teachers so indignant by what the children were saying?

XIV. Is Jesus telling the truth about what prayer can accomplish with faith? What is the caveat about faith that works in prayer?

 XV. Why did Jesus answer the chief priests’ question with a question?

XVI. Have you ever told yourself that you were not going to do something that you knew you should and then you went ahead and did it, anyway? What does Jesus say about this?

XVII. Who are the other servants that the vineyard owner sent? What happened to the son?

 XVIII. Who are the people the kingdom of God will be taken away from? Who will it be given to? Why?

 XIX. Who did the king invite to the wedding?

XX. What does it mean that one of the street people were not in wedding clothes? Why did the king bin the man and throw him out?

 XXI. What does it mean that many are invited, but few are chosen?

XXII. What does it mean to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s?

XXIII. Do angels get married?

XXIV. Will we know each other in heaven?

XXV. Are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob alive? Does this mean Jacob is in heaven? What kind of person was Jacob? What does his name mean? What does this say about us?

XXVI. What does it truly mean to love the Lord your God with all your heart? How about your soul? And your mind? Have you ever had a moment when you actually were able to do this?

XXVII. How does one love his neighbor as himself?

XXVIII. Does Jesus deny that he is the son of David in 22:45?

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