Thursday, April 30, 2020

4 Gospels in 4 Weeks - Day 15 Study Questions

Chapters 4,5,6

I.            Why would it be wrong for Jesus to turn stone into bread?

II.            Why were the kingdoms of the world given to Satan? Did Satan have more authority than Jesus? Did Satan know who Jesus was?


III.            Did the Devil leave Jesus forever after he tempted him in the wilderness? Defend your answer.

IV.            Why did Jesus infer that no widows or lepers were healed in Israel during the time of Elijah and Elisha?

V.            Why did this make the people of Nazareth angry?

VI.            How did Jesus walk right through the angry crowd?


VII.            Could there be demon possessed people in the Church?

VIII.            Did Jesus know Simon before he called him to be a disciple?

IX.            Who were Simon’s partners in fishing?

X.            Why did Simon follow Jesus? Was it because of fish? What had he just witnessed for several days, prior?


XI.            What is Simon’s reaction to the miracle of the fish? What does that say about who he thought Jesus was?

XII.            Did these early disciples just abandon their business to follow Jesus?

XIII.            Why did Jesus often withdraw to a lonely place?


XIV.            It says that the power of the Lord was present for Jesus to heal. Does that mean it sometimes was not? What implications does that phrase have for Jesus’ power and where it came from?

XV.            Why is it so revolutionary that Jesus forgave the paralytic’s sins?

XVI.            Who did the people give glory to?

XVII.            Do you think that Jesus just walked up to strangers and asked them to follow him? Did he know these men before?

XVIII.            What do you think Jesus means by saying he has not come to call the righteous? What implications does this have for us?

XIX.            Why don’t Jesus’ disciples fast?


XX.            What is the purpose of the Sabbath? How were the Pharisees and teachers actually profaning the Sabbath?

XXI.            How is Jesus’ sermon in 6:17 like the Sermon on the Mount? How is it different?

XXII.            Do you think that Jesus gave similar lessons to different places?

XXIII.            We have heard the idea of loving our enemies before, but why is this version so radical? IS Jesus being literal or is he using hyperbole? What does this mean for us?


XXIV.            What is the main theme of Jesus’ teaching in Chapter 6?

Are you hypocritical in your own life?

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