Saturday, April 18, 2020

4 Gospels in 4 Weeks - Day 4 Study Questions


  1. Why did Moses permit divorce? 

  1. What is the only provision Jesus gives for divorce? Is this something that one should enter into, lightly? 

  1. Jesus talks about children at the end of Chapter 9, and also here, in Chapter 10. How did Jesus view children? 

 What does it mean to enter the Kingdom of God like a “little child”? 

Why was the rich ruler sad?  

 Does Jesus mean a literal eye of a needle? How does this relate to his comments in 10:27? 

  1. Does Jesus expect us to give up things for his Kingdom? 

  1. How many times has Jesus told the disciples he is going to die? Why do you think they do not understand him? 

 What are James and John really asking for? What does Jesus respond? 

How does Jesus say to become the greatest in his Kingdom? 
  1. What does Bartimaeus do to get Jesus’ attention? How does the crowd respond? How does Jesus respond? 

 What is the significance of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey? Why not a horse or a camel? 

 What are the people really saying when they exclaim “Hosanna!... blessed is the coming kingdom of our father, David”? 

 Why did Jesus curse the fig tree? Was he throwing a tantrum because he was hangry? What was he trying to teach his disciples? 

Why was Jesus so offended by the money changers in the Temple? 

 Why is Jesus suddenly ramping up the confrontation between himself and the religious leaders? 

Why has Jesus stopped telling people not to tell what he has done for them? 

How does Jesus overturning tables and whipping people complement the loving Jesus who has compassion and heals? 

What happened to the fig tree? What does Jesus say about this and how does he apply it to his disciples? 

 Does Jesus make you a promise that you can throw a mountain into the ocean with your faith? Who is he saying this to? Why? 

 How does Jesus trap the Pharisees when they ask him about his authority? 

 Why is Jesus so direct with the religious leaders when he tells the parable of the tenants? 

Why were they so angry? 

Why didn’t they arrest him?  

  1. Why were the Sadducees so worried about marriage in the afterlife? 

What does Jesus say marriage will look like in heaven? 

What is the greatest commandment? What is the second? What does that look like in a believer’s life? 

How does this relate to God’s words in Hosea 6:6? 

  1. Why should people watch out for teachers of the law? What were these teachers doing that was so despicable? 

  1. What do these things that the teachers are doing say about what God wants us to do, as his followers? Is what we do in our church a good reflection of what Jesus is asking his disciples to do? 

  1. Wasn’t the widow being foolish? Was she being a good steward of the resources God gave her? What does her sacrifice tell us about her faith? What does it tell us about our own faith? 

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