Monday, April 20, 2020

Checking In for the 4 Gospels in 4 Weeks Class

Greetings, Scholars and Theologians!

The sun is bright. The sky is cloudless (at the moment) and the birds are in fine voice! It is a beautiful (if not, allergy-filled) spring day.

Today, we begin Matthew. These first 3 chapters should read fast and breezy. Most of you know these stories from Sunday school and flannelgraphs. 

Story of Jesus Flannelgraph

If you do not know what flannelgraph is, I feel sorry for you. It was a big part of my childhood. But never fear, Google is thy friend.

If you have not listened to the 2nd podcast, what are you waiting for? It is, as they say, short and sweet. But it is also chock-full of good material. Here is the link, again, in case you missed it the first time:

Tomorrow is a doozy, with 4 chapters (4,5,6,7). We will spend some time with Jesus in the wilderness and then listen to his sermon on the mount. But again, most of you should be very familiar with these stories.

Lastly, we will have our first Zoom meeting tomorrow at 7:00 pm. If you need login information, email me.

Happy studies and I will see you tomorrow night!

Grace and peace,


P.S. There is a small scheduling error on our original schedule. Wednesday's readings will be Matthew 8,9,10. Please adjust, accordingly.

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