Monday, April 27, 2020

Day 11 Questions

             Chapters 17, 18, 19

I.                             Who did Jesus take with him on the mountain, and why them?


II.                           Why did Jesus’ clothes turn white?

III.                         How did the disciples react to God’s voice?

IV.                         What does God tell the disciples to do about Jesus?


V.                           Who was Jesus referring to when he spoke about Elijah?


VI.                         Do demons respect their hosts? Why or why not?

VII.                       Which disciples were trying to cast the demon out?

VIII.                     Why couldn’t the disciples cast the demon out?


IX.                         Do the disciples believe Jesus, in Matthew, when he speaks of his death?

X.                           Why does Jesus pay the temple tax?

XI.                         Why were the disciples worried about who was greatest?


XII.                       What does it mean to be like a child?

XIII.                     What does Jesus say about the man who brings things that cause others to sin?

XIV.                     Does 18:10 mean that everyone has their own angel?

XV.                       What is the proper way to handle conflict with a brother?

XVI.                     What does that have to do with binding or loosing?

XVII.                   Does Jesus mean one only needs to forgive his brother seven times seventy? Is there a limit to forgiving sin?


XVIII.                Why did the servant not show mercy?

XIX.                     How did the master respond to the servant’s lack of mercy?

XX.                       How are we to forgive our brothers and sisters?


XXI.                     How will God forgive you?

XXII.                   How does God view divorce?

XXIII.                 Does Jesus view Adam and Eve as literal or figurative?

XXIV.                What does Jesus say about marriage?

XXV.                  Does Jesus encourage people to not marry?

XXVI.                Who should be called good?

XXVII.              Does Jesus imply we should all sell our possessions and give them all to the poor?

XXVIII.            Why were the Apostles astonished?

XXIX.                 Who will the Apostles judge?

XXX.                   Will people who sacrifice for Christ be rewarded?

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