Monday, April 20, 2020

4 Gospels 4 Weeks Day 5 Study Questions

             Chapters 13, 14, 15, & 16

I.                             Is Jesus talking about the end times or is he talking about something that will happen soon?    

II.                           Will Jesus’ followers know when the end is coming, according to what he says here?

III.                         Does the Holy Spirit give Jesus’ followers words to say when they are confronted on their faith?

IV.                         What is the abomination that causes desolation?
V.                           How will one know when the end is near?
VI.                         Does Jesus know when the end will come?

VII.                       Why did the chief priests and teachers not want to arrest Jesus during Passover?

VIII.                     What is the significance of the anointing of the perfume by the woman?


IX.                         Judas seemed to be triggered by what some considered to be a “waste of money” when it came to the perfume. Why do you think this motivated him to turn on Jesus?

X.                           What was the sign that the disciples had found the place for the Passover?

XI.                         What is the significance of reclining at the Passover? (hint: it is one of the “four questions”)


XII.                       What is the significance of dipping matzah at the Passover?

XIII.                     What is the significance of breaking matzah at the Passover?
XIV.                     Most scholars believe Jesus took the cup of redemption and used it for Communion. What is the significance of the cup of redemption (or 3rd cup) at the Passover?

XV.                       What is the significance of the final hymn at Passover?

XVI.                     Why do you think Peter was so sure he would never deny Jesus?

XVII.                   Why was Jesus so troubled? Was it the physical pain or was there something more? If there was something deeper, what was it?
XVIII.                Why was Jesus so frustrated that the disciples fell asleep?

XIX.                     From Gethsemane, one can look through across the Kidron Valley and see the Temple mount. What do you think went through Jesus’ mind when he saw the side door open and the men come out with torches?
XX.                       Saul of Tarsus was the adult student of the greatest Rabbi of his time – Gamaliel. Surely, he would have been at Passover, which was a pilgrimage festival. Do you think he witnessed the trial and crucifixion? If so, how would this have affected his view of Jesus? 
XXI.                     Why did Judas use a kiss to mark Jesus? 

XXII.                   Did Peter mean to cut off the ear? Was he just a bad shot?
XXIII.                 Who was the young man who wore the linen garment?

XXIV.                Was it lawful for the guards to take Jesus to the high priest, chief priests, elders, and teachers of the law at night?
XXV.                  Why did Peter follow them?
XXVI.                How did the “witnesses” falsely testify against Jesus?
XXVII.              Why did Jesus remain silent against his accusers?

XXVIII.            When Jesus finally answers, he says “You will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven.” Why was this blasphemy to the high priest?

XXIX.                 Was it legal for them to spit at him, blind-fold him, and beat him?

XXX.                   How did the people around the fire know Peter was Galilean?

XXXI.                 What is the difference between Peter’s reaction to betraying Jesus and Judas’?
XXXII.               If this was Peter’s Gospel, what does it say about his character that he included the story of his betrayal of Jesus?
  XXXIII.             Why was Pilot amazed at Jesus’ silence?

XXXIV.            Who was Barabbas?

XXXV.              Was Pilate a coward?

XXXVI.            Why did Simon have to carry the cross?

XXXVII.          Who insulted Jesus when he was crucified?

    XXXVIII.        Why didn’t Jesus come down from the cross?

XXXIX.             Why did the people think Jesus was calling Elijah when he said, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani”?

XL.                        Why would they try to make him drink wine vinegar?

XLI.                      What is the significance of the temple curtain being torn in two?

XLII.                    Why did Jesus have so many women followers?

XLIII.                  Why was Pilate surprised that Jesus was dead when he, himself, ordered the crucifixion?

XLIV.                 Why did they roll the stone in front of the entrance to the tomb?

XLV.                   How do you suppose that Jesus’ disciples spent that sabbath, when they knew Jesus was dead?

XLVI.                 Which day of the week did Jesus rise?

XLVII.               How does Friday to Sunday equal three days and three nights?

XLVIII.             What did the women see when they entered the tomb?

XLIX.                  How did Mark’s original Gospel probably end?

L.                            Why do most scholars feel Mark 16:9-20 was added years after the original manuscript was written?

LI.                          Who was the first person Jesus appeared to?

LII.                        Why did Jesus rebuke his disciples?

LIII.                      What are the disciples supposed to do in the world?


LIV.                     What will be the signs that accompany Jesus’ disciples? Is that a mandate for us, today? How have some Christians gotten into trouble my misinterpreting these passages?

LV.                       What is the main takeaway you got from reading this Gospel?

LVI.                     What are some preconceived notions that have been challenged by Mark?

LVII.                   How does this impact your understanding of who Jesus was?

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