Friday, April 17, 2020

Gospel of Mark Day 3 Study Questions


I.          Were the Pharisees concerned about proper hygiene and not catching the coronavirus? Why were they so worried about hand washing?

II.          Why did Jesus call them hypocrites? 
III.          What sins in 7:21-22 do you struggle with?
IV.          Did Jesus insult a Gentile? Calling someone a dog was one of the worst insults in this time-period. Was Jesus being cruel?
V.          What’s with all the spitting?

 VI.          If the disciples saw Jesus feed the 5,000, why did they seem so worried about the 4,000?

VII.          Is Jesus’ favorite meal bread and fish? What is the significance of these two foods?

 VIII.          How often do we beg for signs? What is Jesus’ reaction? Can you think of any other verses where Jesus gives an exasperated sigh?

 IX.          Really? The disciples were worried about only having one loaf of bread for themselves after seeing the 5,000 and 4,000? Explain a time when you have stressed about things we have seen God handle in the past?

 X.          Why did Jesus spit to make mud?

 XI.          Why did it take two attempts to heal the blind man?

XII.          What do the disciples think the Messiah will look like?

XIII.          What was Peter’s confession?

 XIV.          Is Jesus’ response to Peter (about his dying) an insult?

 XV.          Does Satan sometimes use good people? Why?

XVI.          What do you suppose the disciples thought when Jesus told them to take up their crosses? Did they understand the crucifixion since it hadn’t happened yet? What did that mean to them at this time?

 XVII.          What does it mean to crucify one’s self?

XVIII.          Is crucifixion painful or painless?

  XIX.          Have you ever traded your soul for the world? When?

 XX.          Why does Peter want to make tents on the mountain?

 XXI.          How did the disciples recognize Moses and Elijah?

 XXII.          Why did the disciples not understand Jesus when he told them he would die and then rise from the dead?

 XXIII.          Who was Jesus referring to when he talked about the Pharisees persecuting Elijah?

XXIV.          Who did Jesus refer to as an “Unbelieving generation”? Why?

XXV.          When Jesus exorcised a demon, did they always stay gone forever?

XXVI.          Why do you think some demons can only come out by prayer?

XXVII.          Why do the disciples not understand what Jesus says when he talks about his death and resurrections? Do they think it is another parable? 

XXVIII.          Why were the disciples arguing about who was the greatest? What does this say about how they viewed the Messiah?

XXIX.          What did Jesus say about those who were not part of his group but still casting out demons in his name?

XXX.          Is Jesus speaking hyperbole when he tells you to cut off your hand, foot to avoid sin? What is Jesus saying about the serious nature of sin?

XXXI.          Does Jesus believe in a literal hell?
XXXII.          What is the significance of being salt?
XXXIII.          Salt makes you thirsty for water. Who is the living water?

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