Thursday, April 16, 2020

4 Gospels in 4 Weeks - Day 2 Study Questions


I.          The word, “immediately” is used 36 times in the book of Mark. What is the significance of Mark using this word so much?
II.          What do you learn about this seed and soil? 

III.          What did each of the seed represent? 

IV.          What are “the cares of the world”? 

V.          Why do some people lose their faith? 

VI.          Why did Jesus say, “‘they may indeed see but not perceive, and may indeed hear but not understand, lest they should turn and be forgiven.’”?  

VII.          What does it mean to bear fruit 30-60-100 fold?
VIII.          What is the Kingdom of God?

IX.          You read about some people who see. And those people hear also. But what do you learn about those people? What will not happen for those people?

X.          Why did Jesus speak in parables to the crowds, but plainly to his Apostles?
XI.          Why did the demon-possessed man live near tombs?
XII.          Did the Legion respect or disdain its host?
XIII.          Why did the demons feel Jesus was torturing them?
XIV.          What was weird about the animals the Jews in this area were raising?

XV.          Could demons control the pigs? Explain  

XVI.          Why did the townspeople drive Jesus away?

XVII.          Why did Jesus tell this man to tell others about what he had done when told everyone else not to tell?

XVIII.          Was Jesus’ robe magic? If not, what healed the woman?  

XIX.          What does Jesus tell Jairus when the people tell him his daughter is dead?  

XX.          Why could Jesus do no miracles in Nazareth?
XXI.          When Jesus sends out his disciples, what does he tell them to do if they are not received?

XXII.          Why did Harod kill John the Baptist?  

XXIII.          Why did Jesus tell his disciples to go off to a lonely place?  

XXIV.          Why did Jesus want to be alone?
XXV.          Why did Jesus have compassion on the crowd?  

XXVI.          What did the feeding say about Jesus’ empathy?

 XXVII.          Why did Jesus walk on the water?

XXVIII.          What happened? Jesus gave a reason why they should not be afraid. What did Jesus say about himself?

XXIX.          Again, were Jesus’ clothes magic?

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