Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Greetings, Westview!

Today is the day our 4 Gospels in 4 Weeks study goes live!

If you would like to sign up for the study, please click here:

I wanted to share with you the podcast, and note, for the first day. This is the introduction. I will be regularly recording a podcast so that we can discuss these topics with each other.
The podcasts will be found here:

The first one is LIVE NOW!

We will have a new podcast a couple of times per week, as well as regular study guides, question sheets, and interaction with each other. There will also be an email chat for questions and answers. In addition to this, we will also have one ZOOM meeting per week, to discuss what we have learned, insights, and answer questions.

This is the most interactive way I can present this information. I wanted you to get a sample of what this series will be like so that you can decide if it is something you would enjoy. Most of the podcasts will not be as long as this one is, but we needed to lay some groundwork for the study.

If you would like more resources as we go through Mark, here are two great links:

The first is Francis Chan's study of Mark on Right Now Media: 

If you do not have a RightNowMedia account, please contact Terry and he would love to set you up. It is FREE!

The second is an audio Bible on YouTube. You may not always have time to read, but you can listen while you are doing chores, etc. Here is the audio Bible link:

At any rate, I hope you enjoy this and it is meaningful for your life as we all study to grow closer to the One who has created us and called us to His glory.

Grace and peace,




  1. What surprised you about these chapters?
  2. What particular images, events, and characters caught your attention and stand out most vividly for you?
  3.  What is the picture of Jesus that emerges in Marks telling of the story?
  4.  What preconceived notions about the gospel of Mark and the life of Jesus were either confirmed or called into question for you?
  5. What questions arose for you that you hope to explore further in this study?
  6.  What is John the Baptist’s message?
  7. What is the significance of John’s clothing and diet?
  8. Why was Jesus baptized?
  9. Why do you think the Spirit “sent” Jesus into the desert? 
  10. Does he ever send us for this purpose?
  11. What was Jesus’ early message and how does this compare to your preconceived notions about Jesus’ message?
  12. Who were the first disciples that Mark records Jesus recruiting?
  13. Was Jesus’ call to the two sets of brothers radical? 
  14. Why or why not?
  15. Where was the first demon that Jesus cast out? 
  16. Why is that significant?
  17. Why did Jesus tell the demon to be quiet?
  18. Why did Jesus heal Peter’s mother‐in‐law?
  19. Why did Jesus disappear?
  20. What faith did the leper have? 
  21. Why did the leper qualify his prayer with Jesus’ will?
  22. Did the paralytic have faith? 
  23. What is the relationship between forgiveness and healing?
  24. How did Jesus call Levi? 
  25. How did he respond?
  26. Why did the Pharisees criticize Jesus about fasting?
  27. What is the lesson to us of the old and new wineskins?
  28. What is the significance of the Sabbath being made for man, rather than visa versa?
  29. What effect did the crowds have on Jesus’ ministry? 
  30. How did his disciples assist with the crowds?
  31.  How did his family respond to his popularity? 
  32. How did the religious leaders respond?
  33. Why did Jesus tell the parable of the kingdom divided?
  34. What is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? 
  35. Can we commit this sin, today?
  36. What did Jesus’ mother and brothers plan to do?
  37.  Who are Jesus’ new family? 

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