Friday, April 24, 2020

4 Gospels in 4 Days - Day 10


             Chapters 14, 15, 16

I.                             John the Baptist stayed true to his conviction. Does Jesus promise complete protection if we stay true to Him?


II.                           Why do you think the way that the daughter of Herodias danced pleased Harod so much?

III.                         Why did Jesus withdraw to a solitary place in 14:13? What does this say about Jesus’ humanity?

IV.                         How does this help Jesus feel compassion for the crowd?


V.                           What context does this give to the feeding of the 5,000 and how does it help one understand why Jesus fed these people?

VI.                         Why did Jesus send his disciples away and go off to pray by himself? What had he just experienced?

VII.                       What context does this give to Jesus walking on the water?

VIII.                     What happened when Peter became afraid and how does this differ from what you might normally picture?


IX.                         How does Jesus save Peter?

X.                           What does Jesus teach us about faith?

XI.                         How did the people in Gennesaret recognize Jesus?


XII.                       It took three days for a person to walk from Jerusalem to Gennesaret. Why did Pharisees and teachers of the law travel all the way from Jerusalem?

XIII.                     When the Pharisees attacked the disciples for not washing their hands, why did Jesus respond by talking about them taking care of their parents?

XIV.                     Why were the disciples so concerned about the Pharisees being offended?

XV.                       What do you think about Jesus calling the disciples, “dull”?

XVI.                     Where does Jesus say the things that make us unclean come from? Does this mean that all sin comes from within?

XVII.                   Why did Jesus not answer the Canaanite woman?


XVIII.                Why did Jesus insult her by calling her a dog?

XIX.                     Why did Jesus go ahead and heal her daughter?

XX.                       How long did the crowds sit and listen to Jesus?


XXI.                     How many people ate when Jesus performs his second feeding?

XXII.                   Often we pray for a sign? How does Jesus respond to those who are begging for signs? Does that mean we can never pray for a sign? What is Jesus’ point?

XXIII.                 What is the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees?


XXIV.                What is Simon’s confession?

XXV.                  What does Peter’s name mean? How is Jesus doing a wordplay with him?

XXVI.                Why does Matthew put Jesus’ most harsh interaction with Peter directly after one of Peter’s best moments?

XXVII.              What is the significance of dying to oneself? How do you even do that?

XXVIII.            What does Jesus mean when he says that some of them will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming into his Kingdom?


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