Sunday, May 3, 2020

4 Gospels in 4 Weeks - Day 16 Study Questions

Chapters 7,8,9

I.            Why did the people plead for Jesus to heal the Centurion (who was a Gentile)?

II.            How does this version give different details than Matthew and Mark?

III.            What does Dr. Luke say about how Jesus loved people in the story of the widow?

IV.            Why does John the Baptist question Jesus?

V.            How does Jesus respond to John’s questioning?

VI.            Why does Luke say the Pharisees rejected God’s purpose?

VII.            Did Jesus drink alcohol?

VIII.            How does Luke’s version of the woman who anoints Jesus’ feet differ from the other accounts of anointing we have read so far? Is this the same account?

IX.            What is so degrading bout washing his feet, kissing his feet, and using her hair to dry it?

X.            How did Simon (the Pharisee) react to this?

XI.            Why did Simon invite Jesus to his house, anyway?

XII.            Why is it so important to understand how much damage our sin has done to us?

XIII.            Why does Dr. Luke go out of his way to mention the women who followed Jesus? Was this unusual for this time period? What does this say about early Christianity and its view of women?

XIV.            How were the women indispensable to the work of Jesus?

XV.            How does the parable of the sower in Luke compare to the versions in Matthew and Mark?

XVI.            Why does Jesus want some to “see but not see” and “hear but not hear”?

XVII.            What are the weeds which choke out the word of God?

XVIII.            Why do the disciples seem to get who Jesus is one minute, and then question it like they do on the boat, the next?

XIX.            How many demon possessed men are in Luke’s story?

XX.            What is the abyss?

XXI.            Why were Jews raising pigs?

XXII.            Why did Jesus not let the demon-possessed man go with him?

XXIII.            Jesus could feel power go out of him, but did he consciously heal the bleeding woman?

XXIV.            Why is the first thing Jesus demands for the girl he raised from the dead, something to eat? What is one of the first acts Jesus does when he raises and goes to his disciples?

XXV.            Why did Herod try and see Jesus?

XXVI.            How does one save his life by losing it?

XXVII.            Who are Jesus’ favorite disciples? Why do you think he chose them? What are some of their characteristics that we are shown?

XXVIII.            Why did Peter, James, and John suddenly wake up?

XXIX.            Which disciples did not try to cast the demon out?

XXX.            Why did the disciples not understand Jesus’ plain teaching about his death?

XXXI.            Why did Jesus tell his disciples not to stop the ones who were casting demons out in Jesus’ name? What does this say about us and other groups, today?

XXXII.            Why did Jesus rebuke the disciples after the Samaritans treated them so poorly?

XXXIII.            Was Jesus homeless?

XXXIV.            What does Jesus mean, “let the dead bury their own dead”?

XXXV.            How do we put our hand to the plow and look back?

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