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4 Gospels in 4 Weeks - Day 17 Study Questions


Chapters 10, 11, 12, 13

        I.            Jesus previously sent out the twelve. Why do you think he sent out the 72?


      II.            We have seen Jesus remark about the harvest before, how is this context different?

    III.            What does it mean “your peace will return to you”?

    IV.            How does Jesus apply “the worker is worth his wages,” in this case?

      V.            What does Jesus say about those who reject the message of the 72? Does this have any application, today?

    VI.            What is the context of Jesus’ comments about Satan falling from heaven?

  VII.            Why does Jesus praise God for hiding these things?

VIII.            Does the Father have to reveal Jesus’ true identity to you? What does this say about salvation and God’s role?

    IX.            What does the expert in the law say in response to Jesus’ question?

      X.            What is the point of the parable of The Good Samaritan?

    XI.            Why was Martha bothered by her sister?

  XII.            How did Jesus respond to Martha?

XIII.            Is Jesus creating a formula for prayer? If it was good enough for Jesus, shouldn’t we just repeat the Lord’s prayer every time we pray? Defend your answer.

XIV.            What does Jesus say about praying? Does his parable about the midnight bread contradict the other verses we read about not babbling when we pray? Why or why not?

  XV.            How does this give context to ask, seek, and knock?

XVI.             Why did some claim Jesus was casting out demons in the name of Beelzebub?

XVII.            How does this relate to asking for signs?

XVIII.            Why did Jesus do any miracles if he was so against giving signs?

XIX.            Can demons come back into someone who has been delivered from demon possession?

  XX.            Some groups venerate Mary and call her “the blessed Virgin” What does Jesus say about Mary being called blessed? Why does he make this statement? Didn’t the angel call her blessed?

XXI.            Again, why was this generation wicked for asking for signs when Jesus was performing all kinds of miracles?

XXII.            Who is The Queen of the South?

XXIII.            What is the light we are to be filled with?

XXIV.            Why was washing so important to the Pharisees?

XXV.            Are we supposed to tithe material possessions like mint, rue, and herbs?

XXVI.            How did Jesus reply to the teacher of the law who was offended? What does this say about our modern views of politeness and civility?

XXVII.            Why was this generation guilty of the blood of all the prophets?

XXVIII.            Who did Jesus begin speaking to in Chapter 12?

XXIX.            What does Jesus say about being afraid of man?

XXX.            What happens if you do not acknowledge Christ before man?

XXXI.            Will the Holy Spirit tell us what to say, or is that just for his disciples? What do you think about this?

XXXII.            How does Jesus reply to the man who is worried about his inheritance?

XXXIII.            Why was the rich man wrong for building his storage building and then taking it easy?

XXXIV.            Is it wrong to store up things? What is Jesus getting at?

XXXV.            How does this lead into worrying?

XXXVI.            What does he say about the ravens that directly responds to the parable he just told?

XXXVII.            For what purpose does Jesus say the Father will provide for one’s needs? *hint, see 12:31

XXXVIII.            Where is your heart?

XXXIX.            How is the parable which begins in 12:35, similar to the parable of the virgins?

   XL.            How is Jesus warning against someone thinking they have plenty of time to get their life right?

 XLI.            Did Jesus come just to bring love and peace? Explain.

XLII.            How does Jesus’ preaching contrast to modern preachers?

XLIII.            What does Jesus teach about thinking that you are blessed because you are more holy than someone else?

XLIV.            What does the parable in 13:6-9 mean?

XLV.            How many times does Jesus heal on the Sabbath and what is he trying to say?

XLVI.            Why are so few going to be saved?

XLVII.            How do you know if the owner of the house knows you?

XLVIII.            Why was “that fox”such an insult?

How does Jesus feel about Jerusalem?

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