Sunday, May 3, 2020

4 Gospels in 4 Weeks - Day 18 Study Questions


Chapters 14, 15, 16

        I.            To what does Jesus compare healing on the Sabbath?


      II.            What does Jesus say about those who try to be the most important? Why do you think this is so important to Jesus?

    III.            Is it wrong to want to be honored?

    IV.            Who should we reach out to? Why?

      V.            What is the meaning of the parable of The Great Banquet?

    VI.            Does Jesus really want us to hate our family?

  VII.            How does Jesus feel about those who begin with him and then turn back?

VIII.            What is the meaning behind the Parable of the Lost Sheep?

    IX.            Does Jesus search for us, even if we have fallen away?

      X.            How many times do you think the lost son could leave home and return? Is there a limit to God’s eagerness for our repentance?

    XI.            How does the Father respond to the older brother? Is he angry?

  XII.            Does the Parable of the Shrewd Manager teach us to be dishonest? What is the meaning of this parable?

XIII.            What is Jesus talking about when he says that no servant can serve two masters?

XIV.            Does 16:16-18 say that we are under the old law?

  XV.            Does The Rich Man and Lazarus teach that hell is real?

XVI.             Why was the rich man punished?

XVII.            Again, what does Jesus seem to value in his followers, according to this parable? How does what we typically do in our churches relate to this? Are there changes we need to make?

XVIII.            What does Abraham say about miraculous signs?

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