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4 Gospels in 4 Weeks - Day 20 Study Questions

Chapters 21, 22, 23, 24

I.        Jesus just spoke about widows and now here is a widow. Why was Jesus inspired by her faith?

II.       Why were the disciples so amazed by the temple?

III.       Was Jesus talking about the end of time, the destruction of Jerusalem, or both? What clues are in this passage to give the proper context?

IV.       When Jesus makes promises to his disciples such as, “I will give you words and wisdom,” are these promises to us, as well? How do we interpret other passages in the Bible which have promises for specific groups?

V.       What does it mean, “They will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud”? What are some possible interpretations of this phenomena?

VI.       Are his disciples supposed to be able to discern that these things are near, even if they do not know the exact day?

VII.       How did Jesus spend his days and evenings in this last week? How did this help spread his message to more people? What was happening in Jerusalem during this week?

VIII.       Why did the chief priests need Judas to betray Jesus? Why did they need him to identify Jesus?

IX.       Did Jesus make arrangements with the owners of the upper room ahead of time, or did the Holy Spirit just convict them to let the disciples have the room?

X.       Jesus speaks of not eating the Passover again, until it finds fulfillment in the Kingdom of God. What does it mean that the Passover is fulfilled?

XI.       Why does Luke mention multiple cups? Should we have more than one cup in our Communion? 
What is the significance of the cups in the Passover?

XII.       How does the discussion of who will betray Jesus lead to an argument of who would be the greatest in Jesus’ kingdom? Why were the disciples always arguing about who would be the greatest?

XIII.       Who confers the Kingdom?

XIV.       Who seems to be in the middle of the controversy? Who does Jesus specifically call out?

XV.       Jesus is sending out his Apostles, again. How are his directions different, this time? Why do you think he has changed his directives? What does this mean?

XVI.       The disciples make a point of pointing out their arsenal. What are they expecting?

XVII.       Why did angels have to strengthen Jesus as he prayed in the garden?

XVIII.       How was Jesus’ sweat like drops of blood? What is hematidrosis?

XIX.       When the group comes to arrest Jesus, what do the disciples think is about to happen?

XX.       Why did Jesus heal the servant’s ear? Was it for the sake of the servant or the disciples?

XXI.       Why did the guards arrest him after the healing?

XXII.       Could Peter see Jesus, as he denied him?

XXIII.       Why would Jesus’ claim that he was the Son of God be blasphemy? Aren’t we all sons and daughters of God?

XXIV.       Where did they take Jesus first, and why? Why didn’t they just stone him or crucify him, right away?

XXV.       Why did the Jews emphasize that Jesus stirred up people to Pilate?

XXVI.       Why did Pilate send Jesus to Herod? Why was Herod anxious to see Jesus?

XXVII.       Why did Herod send Jesus back to Pilate, again? What was the result between Herod and Pilate?

XXVIII.       Why did Pilate finally give in?

XXIX.       Why did Jesus tell the women to weep for themselves?

XXX.       How did Jesus respond to those who crucified him?

XXXI.       Did both criminals mock him? Did one come to his senses or did he actually not mock him at all?

XXXII.       When did the criminal go to Paradise? What does this say about where we go when we die?

XXXIII.       What is the significance of the torn curtain?

XXXIV.       Why did the way Jesus die convince the centurion?

XXXV.       Why is it important that the women witnessed the tomb and Joseph interring the body?

XXXVI.       When did Sunday start for the Jews?

XXXVII.       How many angels appeared? Why do you think this is different than other accounts?

XXXVIII.       Why did the apostles not believe the women?

XXXIX.       Who ran to the tomb?

XL.       Who do you think was walking to Emmaus?

XLI.       Why do you think people did not recognize Jesus after his resurrection? What might have changed about his appearance after his ordeal?

XLII.       Did Jesus keep the wounds from his crucifixion and beating, even after he raised from the dead?

XLIII.       Why did Jesus chastise the disciples on the road to Emmaus?

XLIV.       Why did they urge Jesus to stay with them?

XLV.       When did they realize who he was?

XLVI.       When did Jesus appear to Simon?

XLVII.       Did Jesus’ risen and glorified body seem to have special abilities a normal body does not have? Could it eat? Did it have to open a door to enter a room? What else do you notice?

XLVIII.       Why does Jesus tell them to touch him?

XLIX.       Does Jesus believe in ghosts?

L.       Why did Jesus eat in front of them?

LI.       What does Jesus promise to send them?

LII.       How does Luke end his Gospel?

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