Friday, January 15, 2021

Some Up-Coming Events

TRACE Master Calendar 2021



        I.            January:

a.      31st Rent-A-Theater/Christmas Party: Groundhog’s Day


     II.            February:

a.      7th – Superbowl Party @ the Dopps

b.      27th Winter Peak (High School)


   III.            March:

a.      6th Winter Peak (Middle School)

b.      27th Passover


  IV.            April:

a.      3rd Easter Egg Hunt For Families

b.     4th Easter


     V.            May:

a.      21st School’s Out Drive-In


  VI.            June:

a.      5th Garage Sale Fundraiser

b.      13th – 19th Soul Quest


VII.            July:

a.      4th of July

b.      18th – 24th NCCC

c.       (unknown date) Spanish Youth Rally – Chicago

VIII.            August:

a.      July 31st – August 7 Beach Camp/Montrose/Rapid City

b.      20th Back to School Party


   IX.            September:

a.      24th Harvest


     X.            October:

a.      17th – 31st Pumpkin Patch


   XI.            November:

a.      5th-7th Fall Retreat


XII.            December:

a.      10th Christmas Party


*Regular Meetings on Monday and Thursday Nights All Summer


*Need To Schedule:

·        Fund raisers

·        Service Projects

·        Random Game nights

·        Other

There are many chances for you to raise funds to pay for these events. 

See Derin for more information.

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