Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Middle School Peak Info






Middle School Day – Mar 6th, 2021

This year Winter Peak will be held at the Littleton Church of Christ. The cost of our one-day retreat is $40 per person.  Simply fill out the form and turn it in to your Youth Leader by Feb 24th.

Theme & Speaker

The theme for Winter Peak is “Emerge”! Like a bear coming out of hibernation, we are all starting to come out of a long time of isolation—socially, maybe physically, and most likely spiritually. At Winter Peak we’ll talk about what it will look like as we Emerge.



While Winter Peak will look different than past years, we will still have several of the things you look forward to each year:

·         Great Worship together

·         Challenging Breakout classes

·         Time with your Youth Group

·         Chances to get to know students from other YG’s


We hope you’ll join us all at Winter Peak 2021!




Middle School


Due by February 24th    


Student Name:____________________________

Church Name: ____________________________

Grade:_______    Gender:_______


    T-shirt size (circle one)    

            Adult Sizes:    S    M    L    XL    XXL


 Cost is $40


Turn in your completed form and your payment to your Youth Leader before Feb. 17th. If you turn it in late, we won’t be able to guarantee you a t-shirt.


Make your checks out to University Church of Christ, unless you have other instructions from your Youth Minister.

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