Monday, February 1, 2021

This Week's Chapter

 This week's chapter is 2 Corinthians 4

Monday – Memorize or Meditate Monday

Read the weekly passage again.

Take the text, or a portion of it, and work on memorizing it. 


Read the passage out loud 3 times, slowly.

o On the second and third time through your slow reading, pay attention to any words or phrases that jump out at you.

o Write those words down, and journal about the significance of those words to you. 

Tuesday – Thoughtful Tuesday

Re-Read the Text again from the lesson and answer the following questions:

o What does the text say about God?

o What does the text say about sin?

o What promises does the text make?

o What expectations does the text make on you/the church?

o What command or commands does the text contain?

o What were you taught from this passage? 

 Wednesday – Worship Wednesday 

Re-read the passage again

o Write it out in your own words

Take some time today to worship God intentionally today

Maybe make your own praise song, or write a psalm 

Thursday – Thankful Thursday

Re-read the passage again from Sunday

o If you want, find other passages or Bible stories that are connected to this text

What are you most thankful for this week? 

Spend some time sharing what you are thankful for as a family, or in your journal 

Friday – Fasting Friday

Read the text once again

What is something you can give up today for a full 24 hours?

o As you go through the day, when you think about whatever it was you decided to fast from, use that as a prompt to talk to God throughout the day. 

Saturday – Serve Saturday

As a family or individually how can you bless someone in your neighborhood, or a family in our church community?

Talk it out, plan it, and execute your plan! Do it anonymously!!

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